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Grow Groups & ACTION Classes


Grow Groups (Home Groups) & ACTION classes round in 6 week blocks called, "Rounds". Round 1 runs from Sept.13 to Oct18'17.  


Grow Groups are designed to help you grow in your faith and build meaningful relationships with others in the church. These groups come in the form of Small Home Groups.  God said, it's not good to be alone. God created us to have relationship, and sometimes it's hard to do that just on a Sunday morning.


Locations & Times
New Groups coming in Sept'17




Wed. 7pm

Action stands for All Church Teaching In One Night takes place every Wed at 7 pm at the church and follows a 6 week round.  Pre-registration is not necessary, however, most classes DO NOT receive new enrollment AFTER the second week of each new round.  


Classes that are offered through out the year:

Prophetic 101 (12 Weeks not 6 as previously advertised)

    Instructor: Sharon Rustulka

  •  This class will help you understand what this gift is and its proper use!
  • Cost: $20/workbook
  • NB: This is a 12 week class and requires a workbook. There will not be any new admissions after the second class.  Please visit the resource Center to register and pay for your workbook.


Healing School  (5 Weeks) 

    Instructors: Timothy Anderson & Judy Miller

  •  Teaching us that healing is part of the atonement.  You will learn how to expect healing for yourself and how to minister it to others.


Respectfully Yours  - An 8 week video led class beginning March 8th.       

     Facilitators: Val Carney & Pauline Vander Veldon

  • It's going to be awesome & a great growth opportunity for all married & engaged women!
  •  If you signed up, please purchase your Study Guide ($15) at the Resource Centre this week (Mar.5).
  • If you haven’t signed up, please consider this course, no matter what condition your marriage is in!  This will add value to your communication with your husband!  
  • If you’ve just decided to take in this class, please let us know – we need to order more Study Guides & we want to make sure we have enough!


Leadership Track for Men - 6 weeks 

    Led by Pastor Dean  

  • Cost: FREE!
  • John Maxwell defines Leadership in one word - "Influence!"  Whether you are a CEO of a company, a husband, a teacher or simply a friend that motivates others, you are a leader.  How we influence others will determine whether we are bad leaders, good leaders or great leaders!  I want to be a great leader, however, Jesus said, "If you want to be great, learn to be the servant of all." Come learn the principles of effective leadership and begin to see better results with your influence.


Thought Renewal Journey (6 Weeks) -  

     Instructor: Birdie Wood

  • This study presents the Word of God as the medicine that will restore healthy thought patterns!


Fresh Start - Foundations of Faith (6 Weeks) - Green Room

  •  Open to any one who just wants to have a better understanding of the Bible basics like Repentance, Faith, Grace, Water and Spirit Baptisms, the Church, etc.


Marriage Class (6 Weeks) - "An Indestructible Marriage" DVD led series by Jimmy Evans from Marriage Today.

$10/workbook - pay at the class.


Spiritual Gifts (5 Week Class) - Pastor Dean

  • There are a number of abilities and roles that God has given to the church in order for it to function in its design for serving people.  The Bible calls these “Gifts & Callings”.  This class will help you understand and discover what yours might be!


Single Life Workshop (12 Week Class)

  • Interactive study for non-married people of all ages to help prepare you for healthy, transparent and intimate relationships.


Spiritual Warfare (6 week class)

  • A lot of Christians, let alone non Christians, don't believe in a literal devil. Jesus acknowledged a real devil who comes to steal, kill & destroy (John 10:10).  Peter said he's our adversary and he walks around like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.  (1 Pet.5:8)  The Apostle Paul said, we aren't to be ignorant to the devil's devices.  
  • Come and learn more about your adversary called the devil, and how you can overcome his devices.


Knowing the Essentials of Reaching Your Muslim Neighbour

  • 3 Week Class
  • Discover the difference between the Jesus of the Bible and the "Jesus" that Muslims believe in.
  • Does toleration of other religions mean we need to water down Christianity?
  • Learn how to relate with a Muslim that will demonstrate the love & truth of God and reveal the clear distinctions between Islam & Christianily, whetting their appetite for more.


For all our ministries, please check with the church office for dates, times & locations.

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